Meet Suzanne Oldham

Suzanne’s fascination with brands began at a young age when her affinity for a pair of used Puma sneakers led her to barter in a school hallway.

While she doesn’t remember what she “sold”, she knew what she bought — a lifelong passion for brands. Suzanne has spent her entire career in brand related disciplines.

Over her 30 years of experience, Suzanne has worked with some of the most respected brands in the United States. Her emphasis is to design solutions for clients through a strong consumer, brand, and competitive understanding. Suzanne digs deep, asks tough questions, and creates actionable solutions. Suzanne’s clients praise her ability to get on board quickly and to easily and effectively integrate into existing organizations at the most senior levels.

Once on board, she brings a seasoned and diverse background to brand and marketing challenges and always provides a new and fresh perspective.  Her experience on both sides of the marketing table — as a client and a consultant — means her approach and work come with a real world, pragmatic perspective.

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