Introducing Think Shops. Created developed and presented by Suzanne Oldham Consulting to give your brand the edge in efficient, one-day “mini retreats.” The highly interactive sessions are designed to engage your team in unconventional ways to bring new thinking and generate untapped opportunities and add value immediately. Choose one or a series of Think Shops and jump start your brand right away.

Brand Boot Camps

Your competition, your own marketing efforts, changing customer tastes and the economy are just some of the variables that affect your brand. Your team will be guided in an exploration of each of these variables and how they impact your brand. We will focus on what’s truly relevant and compelling and shed any excess baggage. The end product is a new brand blueprint that will capture your brand magic that is supported by a brand promise, Core Pillars and your value proposition.

Focus. Focus. Focus. 

Most marketing teams don’t lack for great ideas. Instead, too many ideas and projects are vying for fewer resources. The session is designed so your team walks away with a plan to focus on the highest potential projects and ideas – ideas that will drive your business now and build a pipeline for the future. A filter developed for your specific business will be used to capture the potential of each idea and also designed to improve the ideas along the way.

Fresh Thinking Field Trips

Spend a day on a competitive safari visiting your competition and seeing them from a fresh perspective. You will be guided through the visits with questions and a curiosity that will force your teams to think about your brand in a different light. For added perspective, bring along your customers to take part alongside you. See first hand how they interact with you and your competition for a new level of customer intimacy. Come away with ways to improve your own brand experience, marketing efforts product assortment and merchandising.

Ready to Get Started?

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