University of Kentucky HealthCare

What to do when the public does not understand who you are and what you offer?

  • Ethnographic Research
  • Quantitative Research
  • Brand Strategy and Value Proposition
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Brand Identity Development (in partnership with identity agency)

University of Kentucky HealthCare underwent a major facility upgrade to a state of the art Medical Center and with it came a new name. After several years, the enterprise realized they needed to articulate its Brand Strategy as there was very little understanding that UK HealthCare was an Academic Medical Center. The engagement started with a deep dive into existing research. What was uncovered is that UK did not have an awareness issue, it had a an understanding issue.

The team at Suzanne Oldham Consulting uncovered the unique and relevant value proposition of UK HealthCare as an Academic Medical Center and developed a brand strategy to inform all messaging to communicate this brand promise.

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