University of Kentucky

Lean into the authentic truth about who you are and what your stakeholders love about you.

  • Ethnographic Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Manifesto
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Brand Identity (working with an Identity Agency)
  • Brand Architecture

UK, like many Institutions, faces stiff competition for students. It recognized the need to define what made the UK experience unique so students in state and out of state would choose UK over peer schools. UK turned to us to uncover what made UK special and turn this discovery into language that was emotionally resonant and galvanizing. The Brand Strategy and Brand Manifesto were then used as the cornerstone of the marketing to support UK’s Capital Campaign and Enrollment efforts.

From here, we developed a Strategic Marketing Plan to execute the Brand Strategy with excellence and partnered with a Brand Identity agency to ensure that the brand strategy was executed with consistency across all University units.

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